Claudia Vogt, Yoga teacher

Let’s take your yoga off the mat and into your life.

Now is The perfect time to begin!

Claudia Vogt (E-RYT 300+) offers her expertise gained from 20 years of practicing and 5 years of teaching yoga full-time, with over 3000 classroom and 1:1 hours.

Designing classes and adapting postures to meet the needs of real people is an art that grows over time.

„I teach humans, not forms.“

Claudia is very accessible and that is how she builds her personal yoga and yoga classes.

Accessible and relatable. Celebrating diversity of bodies and minds.

As a yoga teacher, yogatherapist in training and thai yoga practitioner, Claudia is committed to supporting every person in challenging moments in their life and tailor the practice to their specific needs.

She helps with the development of your yoga practice that supports you at home, on a daily basis – so that you enjoy the life-long benefits of yoga.

„I teach people how to stand and sit and move so they feel powerful, graceful and skilled no matter what condition or age.“


"I guide you through trauma-sensitive meditation and relaxation practices so that you too can gain a sense of connection, steadiness and inspiration."
Claudia Vogt

6 things that happen when we meet


You will leave my class empowered to make things happen.


You will feel more connected to yourself and your life.

New mindset

You will see the world through different eyes.

Full of energy

Your breath will be smoother and you will feel full of energy.


Your body will be steadier and bendier at once. Your mind will follow.


You will free yourself of old nervous tension and old nagging thoughts.

My clients say

Was mir gefällt? Einfach alles. Deshalb komme ich seit 5 Jahren regelmäßig.

Elisabeth F.

Ich fühle mich während der Einheiten sehr aufgehoben und nach der Yogapraxis mit ihr einfach viel besser. Danke für das „Wie neu geboren“-Gefühl!

Caroline G.

Ursula Z.

Yoga in seiner besten Form! In körperlicher und geistiger Hinsicht.

Astrid H.